NAHA BRUSH Enters the U.S. Market

2020-10-20 17:59 출처: NAHA CORP.

NAHA BRUSH is made of premium wood and natural boar bristles and double nylon pins.

NAMYANGJU--(뉴스와이어) 2020년 10월 20일 -- NAHA heading out to the U.S. market.

NAHA Corp. (CEO: Kim Na-yeon) announced entry to the U.S. market with NAHA BRUSH, which had been produced and sold only in Korea. The company’s effort to develop only hair brushes over the last 45 years will also bear fruits in the U.S.

NAHA BRUSH is made of premium wood with moisture removed by at least 95% through a process of drying in the natural wind for more than six months. Only a product made of completely dried wood can be guaranteed of high durability and no deformation.

NAHA BRUSH has been developed with the patented technology, ‘air hole,’ which is an outcome of NAHA Corp.’s effort for R&D. The air holes, which are extra holes without bristles, let heat and air pass through, helping users style their hair for bouncy curls fast.

NAHA BRUSH is made of natural boar bristles and double nylon pins. Boar bristle, which has a similar cuticle structure to that of humans, gently untangles hair and helps remove dust and dandruff. The ceramic-coated aluminum barrel and the heat-resistant silver nano nylon pins protect the scalp and keep the hair healthy. NAHA BRUSH is available in either a premium beech tree handle type or a rubber handle type. The product lineup ranges from a brush with a 9mm roll to that with a 43mm roll in diameter.

Kim Na-yeon, the CEO of NAHA Corp., said, “We are already talking with a number of overseas buyers. We will accelerate export around the world following our entry to the U.S. and European markets.”

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